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It’s a snap to find engaging content specific to your industry with our leading edge tools that will help grow customers.

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Increase new and returning customers with social deals and powerful sweepstakes tools that also builds email lists.

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We provide you with an online dashboard where you can track all of your key metrics across all social channels and more.

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With our cutting-edge technology, you can post reputable articles from all over the internet that are relevant to your business and advertise your business right on the article links.

Sweepstakes & Deals

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Increase the number of new and returning customers/clients with our customizable and engaging enter-to-win sweepstakes and social deals. These tools will amplify your social marketing while building your email- marketing list.

If you’re a realtor you can easily use the sweepstakes feature for realtor or broker open houses. It is a great way to make sure they show up to your open house. Not to mention it allows for you to build your realtor/broker marketing list and move a property in a more rapid fashion.

Additionally, you can build your consumer list by using the deal feature for announce a open house to the public with all the information that will make them show up and tour the home.


Save time by scheduling posts in advance with an easy-to-use calendar.

Easily help your business be seen and grow on social media by using our social media tools to consistently post new, engaging annd relevant content on your business’s Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest and LinkedIn pages.

We provide easy-to-understand analytics of your social media campaigns. From insights on individual posts to new like and followers, you’ll be able to track the progress of your social efforts.

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